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Friday, July 02, 2004

Did I Hear That Right?

As a parent I hear the strangest sentences coming out of my mouth. The brain fails to monitor the stupity of my words, therefore allowing them to escape my lips. Fortunately for me, no one seems to notice. My people are accustomed to my wierdness. That is probably why I love them so much.
My husband, Chip, is also prone to such verbal accidents. I usually just stare at him, or laugh, or walk out of the room shaking my head. Head shaking usually is the smartest path to take since I can be a very cynical and bitchy broad.
Last night I heard this sentence reverberating from the back of the house: "Put away your goggles and underwear". When hubby entered the room my comment was "that was a very strange sentence". We both laughed hysterically. That's what tired, over-worked parents do.
Keeping the wierd sentence theme in mind, I'm trying to think of some others that amused me in the past . . .

Why can't I wear two pair of underwear at the same time?

You can't eat your apple with a straw!

I want cheese balls!

Why won't my penis go to sleep?

I just wanted to pet the fish. It loves me. (Consequently the fish was loved to death, literally)

It is funny to note that all of these involved my youngest child, Putti. He is an absolute joy . . . and an odd duck, like his parents.