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Thursday, June 17, 2004

While making drugs . . .

Today at work I was doing a task where I get to work and daydream at the same time. Of course I came up with the most brilliant subjects to blog about - men and their "afflictions", stinky towels, my wonderful children, funny, oh so funny crap that would make you laugh your ass off. But, alas here I sit at home and, like corn through a goose, the ideas have quickly passed. I will press on and try to come up with some weird, random shit, which is really all I think about any way.

Okay, I was driving home and passed a strip joint. It said "all NUDE dancers, 24 hours a day". This made me think about wierd, random shit. Like for what purpose do certain things have?
Such as . . .

1. NUDE pantyhose - Why? Who likes these? If you want to be nude, don't wear them, duh!!

2. Low carb or "light" beer - Again, why? If you want a buzz you have to drink twice as much. Then you get bloated, have to pee a lot, spend twice as much money and feel guilty to boot. I say just get what you like in the first place . . . or if the buzz is what you're after, find the brew with the highest alcohol content and drink on an empty stomach. Problem solved!

3. Spike heeled shoes - In my opinion these have no reason to exist, unless . . . want to look like you're walking on a tight rope with a wedgie, enjoy excruciating pain or want to be perceived as a ho. They are stupid and wrong and were probably invented like a man. By the way, if a man likes them let him wear them!

I was pondering this question today. Can a yogi stick their head up their ass? With the contorted, pretzel like poses that I've seen, I think that "Whooping crane with head up it's ass" is plausible. Ha!


At June 18, 2004 at 5:35 PM, Blogger Heather said...

gee, thanks, Roxie, now when I am just about to fall asleep at night the thought will suddenly come to me, "Can the yogi REALLY do that? And why? For the love of God, why???" Pass the Nytol, please!

Seriously, these are some really fascinating questions... :)


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